Recover Lost Space on Memory Card or Pen Drive

Nowadays Pen Drives and Memory Cards are very commonly used storage devices. We also use these for booting, installing windows, Linux etc. You may have lost some space of your Memory Card or Pen drive after writing an image of an Operating System to it. In my case, my 8GB Memory Card was converted to 50MB after writing a Linux image to it. I found that the remaining space becomes unallocated using Disk Management tool of Windows. You may think that you can simply solve this problem by formatting it. Unfortunately this will not recover your lost space. After a lot of search I found a way to solve this problem.

  • Download and Extract USB Format by Lexar
  • Right Click on BootIt.exe and Run as Administrator
  • Choose the Drive
  • Check the radio button Non Active at the bottom as shown in the image below.
  • Click on Format
USB Format by Lexar

USB Format by Lexar

  • After Completing it Format the drive using Windows

Note : Sometimes “USB Format” by Lexar may become “not responding” or stop working during format. In such cases close the program using windows task manager and format your drive using Windows.

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