How to move cpanel hosting without root/WHM access

There are times when you get fed up with your hosting provider and decide to move on. Though many companies provide free transfer for new customers its often easy and fast to do the process yourself and have your website up in minimum possible time.

cPanel by default do not provide transfer of websites. Though its possible to create a full site backup there is no option provided for a full site restore. Many people suggest a transfer through WHM (for this you need root access) but, this is not recommended as different servers have different configuration and cPanel is not configured the same way everywhere.

Step 1 – Find a reliable hosting provider.

Before anything research on the provider. Read reviews, articles, talk to present customers etc. Ensure the new hosting is worth the change. Most companies provide offers and upgrades when you tell them you are moving out.

Step 2 – Login to the old cPanel account and Generate a full backup.

Cpanel backup download


Step 3 – Download the full site backup to your system.

cPanel backup list

Full website backup(*tar.gz) includes public_html files and databases(*.sql).

Step 4 – Login to the new cPanel account and replace files.

Go to file manger.

Open file manager


Upload the the folder public_html from the backup and replace it in the home directory

Upload and replace public_html


Step 5 – Create database and user and link both.

Open MySQL Databases

Open MySQL Databases


Create a database and user.

Creating database and user


Link both user and database with all privileges selected.

Adding user to database

Database privileges


Step 6 – Import into database.

Open phpMyAdmin

Opening phpMyAdmin


Select the database you have created and import the *.sql file from the full backup created earlier.

Importing into database


Step 7 -Replace the database name, user and password in config file.

Find your config file.

Config file locations for commonly used scripts.


4Images Gallery /config.php
B2 Evolution /conf/_basic_config.php
Boonex Dolphin /inc/
Concrete5 /site/config.php
Coppermine Photo Gallery /include/
Crafty Syntax Live Help /config.php
Cube Cart /includes/
dotProject /includes/config.php
Drupal /sites/default/settings.php
e107 /e107_config.php
FAQMasterFlex /faq_config.php
Gallery /config.php
Geeklog /db-config.php
glfusion /private/db-config.php
Hotaru /hotaru_settings.php
Joomla /configuration.php
LiveSite \local\config\lib\content_center\ livesite_customer_src\etc\conf\livesite_customer\
LifeType /config/
Magento /app/etc/local.xml
Mambo /configuration.php
MODx /manager/includes/
Moodle /config.php
MyBB /inc/config.php
Noahs Classifieds /app/config.php
Nucleus /config.php
ocPortal /info.php
osCommerce /includes/configure.php
PHP-Nuke /config.php
phpBB /config.php
phpFormGenerator /index.php
phpFreeChat (only if you have saved form input to a database)
PHPlist /config/config.php
phpMyDirectory /defaults.php
phpWCMS /include/inc_conf/
phpWebSite /conf/config.php
PhpWiki /admin.php
Pligg /libs/dbconnect.php
Post-Nuke /config.php
Saurus CMS /config.php
Siteframe /config.php
SMF /Settings.php
Soholaunch /sohoadmin/config/isp.conf.php
Textpattern /textpattern/config.php
Tiki /db/local.php
Trendy Site Builder (not applicable)
TYPO3 /typo3conf/localconf.php
vBulletin /includes/config.php
WebCalendar /includes/settings.php
WHMCS /configuration.php
WordPress /wp-config.php
X7 Chat /config.php
Xoops /mainfile.php
Zen Cart /includes/configure.php
Zikula /config.php



Edit the config file.

Find the database, user and password using find and replace them with the values you had created in Step 5


define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘tech1_wrdp1’);
define(‘DB_USER’, ‘tech1_name1’);
define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘5Jlk1de%53L’);
define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);

Step 8 – Replace the Name servers of the old host with the new ones.


It will take 24 to 48 hrs for the DNS to propagate.

Step 9- Load and check whether the domain is loading correctly.

Tip – If the website shows Default page or Page Under Construction page goto public_html and remove index.html.

Voila! You have successfully transferred your hosting.

If you got any comments or a better method feel free to put it down below.

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