How to install PRO-B CFW on your PSP and install ISO games.

This is a simple method to install pro-b custom-firmware on your PSP. Once its installed you can run games from ISO files, install home-brew apps or themes and the possibilities of customizing your ‘PlayStation Portable‘ are endless.

PRO custom-firmware supports 4 different PSP kernels –

  1. 6.20
  2. 6.35
  3. 6.39
  4. 6.60

All PSP devices below or equal to 6.60 firmware is compatible to PRO custom-firmware.

PRO-B10 firmware 6.60 can be found here.

Steps (WARNING: These steps can brick your device if done incorrectly, proceed at your own risk.)

  1. Connect your PSP to PC and copy all the contents of the downloaded folder into the game sub-folder of your PSP
  2. Disconnect your device from your PC.
  3. Run PROUPDATE executable file from the PSP and delete the file as you wont need it again


After installation the CFW environment is started automatically but once you restart your PSP the Original Firmware is loaded and you need to boot the Custom Firmware  manually by running FastRecovery application. Once booted the CFW will remain till the device is switched OFF.

To install ISO games


  1. Create a folder named ISO (In capital letters) in the root directory of your PSP.
  2. Copy the ISO files into the folder.
  3. Disconnect the device from your PC and run the game by going to GAME/MEMORY STICK from PSP.

Happy gaming 🙂


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