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Installing XAMPP Apache Web Server

It is not easy to setup an Apache Web Server and it gets more difficult if you want to add MySQL database, interpreters for programs written in PHP, Perl etc. These difficulties can be...

Recover Lost Space on Memory Card or Pen Drive 2

Recover Lost Space on Memory Card or Pen Drive

Nowadays Pen Drives and Memory Cards are very commonly used storage devices. We also use these for booting, installing windows, Linux etc. You may have lost some space of your Memory Card or Pen...


How to install PRO-B CFW on your PSP and install ISO games.

This is a simple method to install pro-b custom-firmware on your PSP. Once its installed you can run games from ISO files, install home-brew apps or themes and the possibilities of customizing your ‘PlayStation Portable‘ are endless. PRO custom-firmware supports 4 different PSP kernels – 6.20 6.35...

Gps on Google 5

How does Global Positioning System (GPS) work?

What is GPS? The global positioning system is a space based satellite navigation system which provides reliable and accurate location and time information in any weather at all times  anywhere on or near to earth where...